Episode 38 - Miami, Ohtani, Comebacks, etc

December 6, 2017

Look, we took a month off, alright? Nothing happened. But Stanton might. Ohtani will, eventually. How about some takes? Seriously though, the Marlins are still being run horribly, it just looks more handsome now.


Opening Song: Greg Atkins - An Idiot Abroad


Closing Song: Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures - This Brave New World


Episode 37 - Where the Hell Were We?

November 9, 2017

You ever just get lost by accident? Well, we did, in a land of mysterious monsters and dazzling sights. Like the mysterious island or something. Also we were lazy. Here's a podcast, in full throated offseasonness.


Opening Song: JOhn Wesley Coleman - I Feel Like A Sad Clown


Closing Song: Dark Chocolate Chips - Let Me Spend My Money


Episode 36 - Too Much Yanking

October 20, 2017

Things get insipid quick, as there's just too much Yankees talk. Just ick. They're good though, and Cashman is a great GM, all things considered. Also talk of Baltimore pit beef, the Dodgers and what could go wrong, and basketball, somehow.


Opening Song: The Moaners - Yankee On My Shoulder

Closing Song: Peripheral Living - Fate Dodge


Episode 35 - Hell is Real

October 13, 2017

What is the point anyway? The Yankees always win. All things fall back to chaos, except baseball. Then it's the goddamn Yankees. 


Anyway, here's some postseason talk for you, mostly Indians. Then a pitcher draft! It has few rules. 


OPening song - Soularflair - What Fresh Hell

Closing Song - Plattenboss Undertakers - Pitched


Episode 34 - Cheese Reviews, Mostly

October 5, 2017

After a layoff for whatever reason, you don't know, the season is reviewed. Happiness, sadness, all things are explored. Also discussion of various (one) soft cheeses.


Opening Song: Spider Bag - Back With You Again In The World

Closing Song: Gefilte Fist - With Cheese


Episode 33 - Favorite Things

September 14, 2017

In honor of the incredible runs of the Cleveland Indians, here's the hosts' 21 favorite things about the 2017 baseball season. It's wide-ranging. Also, Merritt has a great (bad) idea.


Opening Song: Steve Wynn - Favorite Things

Closing Song: Carroll - Billionaire


Episode 32 - The Tale of the Streaking Thief

September 8, 2017

Technology is a dazzling thing, especially when it allows for basically innocuous skullduggary in baseball. Yes, sign-stealing. Also, a bit about the streaks going on in each league, and how they stack up. Both teams are surprisingly similar. Yet different. Hmm.... And Nick does some OOTP science.


Opening Song: The Shamblers - We're Going Streaking

Closing Song: Ryan Sheeler - Stealing Paradise


Episode 31 - Massive men doing massive things

August 30, 2017

Whether in stature or standing in the eyes of others, gigantic individuals are rocking the base ball world. Giancarlo Stanton has crushed his way to more than 50 home runs. It's amazing. Rhys Hoskins both launches dingers and isn't named Hopkins. What company is he in? And some Cy Young talk.


Opening Song: Mors Ontologica - Massive Action

Closing Song: Bats - Get Upset


Episode 30 - House of Books

August 23, 2017

There's some sifting through the worst parts of modern baseball (old men complaining, as it's otherwise known), and a discussion on great books of baseball. There's also dog and cat discussion. There was no avoiding it.


Opening Song:The Impossibulls - August


Closing Song: Party Boys - House of Books


Episode 29 - Gardenhoser!

August 10, 2017

Some semblance of baseball chatter is attempted, but it all falls toward Mr. 3000 and Henry Roengartner. Not that that's bad. But Sale and Kluber are briefly discussed. Also, a Frankenstein team is attempted in the NL East in an effort to beat the Nationals. It ends in a cliffhanger. Send us questions!


Opening Song:Lichtenstein - Everything's For Sale


Closing Song: Life in a Blender - Frankenstein