Mostly Baseball Episode 19 - In Search of Right(eous) WAR

May 8, 2017

After an update from the previous week's reliever draft, in which Nick reveals his cheating ways, a search begins. Of the top 10 players and pitchers, which will acheieve and admittedly random WAR number? Over/under type stuff. We edge toward Aaron Judge, but that's all.


Opening Song: Breaking the Bans - You Better Be Good


Closing Song: Podington Bear - We Make a Good Team


Mostly Baseball Episode 18 - Cycling for Pitchers and Earned Run Drafts

May 1, 2017

 In the wake of a flurry of cycles, we work tirelessly to discover whether there is an equivalent for pitchers, and whether it would be as amazing. Also, a draft. This time of relievers who haven't allowed an earned run yet. It includes breaking news.


Opening Song: : Learning Music - Life-Cycle

Closing Song: Kelly Lattimore - Ode to the Draft Horse


Mostly Baseball Episode 17 - Dismantling the Blue Jays

April 24, 2017

The Toronto Blue Jays are off to a hideous start. Let's end the misery, and draft their good players elsewhere. Canadian baseball is over.


Opening Song: Eaters - Explode


Closing Song: Minimum Wage Strike


Mostly Baseball Episode 16 - Chatting with Kazuto Yamazaki

April 17, 2017

Writer and fan Kazuto Yamazaki joins the show from Japan to discuss all things Nippon Professional Baseball. From strikezones to Shohei Otani to matching Japanese teams to American ones, pretty much all bases are covered. It's fun.


Opening Song: Spider Bags - Japanese Vacation


Closing Song: Breanna Barbara - Who Are You


Mostly Baseball Episode 15 - Nippon Madness and Known Unknowns

April 10, 2017

Real baseball happened, and it was neat. It means small sample size get to be played with. Also, retired numbers- what does it take? And why the hell is Wade Boggs (RIP) number retired in Tampa? If that's what happened, all retirees should have their number retired. And some talk on the NPB, which is the best ever.


Opening Song: Vitamin Pets - Nippon Budokan


Closing Song: Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help - Known Unknowns


Mostly Baseball Episode 14 - Onward, to Real Baseball!

April 3, 2017

Previews wrap up, and the pair of heroes gear up for some actual, real baseball. Also, what if life were lived where nothing were taken literally? Something to think about.


Opening Song: Mr. and Mrs. Smith - End of the Ride

Closing Song: Silence is Sexy - This Is Our Start


Mostly Baseball Episode 13 - Find Your Francisco Lindor

March 27, 2017

The previews continue, involving some terrible teams and several that were spectacular at stealing bases. But does this actually mean being good? Also, Francisco Lindor is mentioned, and the hosts swoon. He is just something else. Wow.


Opening Song: MMO - Former Top Dog


Closing Song: Smiley - 2 Redbird


Mostly Baseball Episode 12ish - The WBC and Chaos in Mostly the Central

March 20, 2017

It's more of a 12 PLUS! A day after a hideously lost episode, the boys delve into the WBC and the amazingness of Adam Jones and the mysterious luck of Eric Hosmer. Also most of the AL Central is previewed, along with the Mets and Angels.


Opening Song: Nick Jaina - Try, Try Again

Closing Song: The Trolleyvox - Deep Blue Central


Mostly Baseball Episode 11 - Chaos in the AL East, Mostly

March 13, 2017

We open with a discussion of the WBC and mostly Eric Gagne, who still might be a viable pitcher. Also a preview of most of the AL East, and the Cubs. That's how randomness works. Nick flaunts owning the new Zelda game.


Opening Song - Long Long Long, Sometimes You Win


Closing Song - Barefoot McCoy, Bye Bye Bluebird


Mostly Baseball Episode 10 - A Preview in Chaos, Part B

March 6, 2017

As we delve into the randomness of the universe, and our preview order, we find misery in the shape of the Padres, A's, Reds, Twins and a good team named the Astros. It's as fun as these teams' seasons will be long and dull. Enjoy!


Opening Song - The Ettes, The Worst There Is

Closing Song - ZuKrewe, Father's Struggle