Episode 33 - Favorite Things

September 14, 2017

In honor of the incredible runs of the Cleveland Indians, here's the hosts' 21 favorite things about the 2017 baseball season. It's wide-ranging. Also, Merritt has a great (bad) idea.


Opening Song: Steve Wynn - Favorite Things

Closing Song: Carroll - Billionaire


Episode 32 - The Tale of the Streaking Thief

September 8, 2017

Technology is a dazzling thing, especially when it allows for basically innocuous skullduggary in baseball. Yes, sign-stealing. Also, a bit about the streaks going on in each league, and how they stack up. Both teams are surprisingly similar. Yet different. Hmm.... And Nick does some OOTP science.


Opening Song: The Shamblers - We're Going Streaking

Closing Song: Ryan Sheeler - Stealing Paradise


Episode 31 - Massive men doing massive things

August 30, 2017

Whether in stature or standing in the eyes of others, gigantic individuals are rocking the base ball world. Giancarlo Stanton has crushed his way to more than 50 home runs. It's amazing. Rhys Hoskins both launches dingers and isn't named Hopkins. What company is he in? And some Cy Young talk.


Opening Song: Mors Ontologica - Massive Action

Closing Song: Bats - Get Upset


Episode 30 - House of Books

August 23, 2017

There's some sifting through the worst parts of modern baseball (old men complaining, as it's otherwise known), and a discussion on great books of baseball. There's also dog and cat discussion. There was no avoiding it.


Opening Song:The Impossibulls - August


Closing Song: Party Boys - House of Books


Episode 29 - Gardenhoser!

August 10, 2017

Some semblance of baseball chatter is attempted, but it all falls toward Mr. 3000 and Henry Roengartner. Not that that's bad. But Sale and Kluber are briefly discussed. Also, a Frankenstein team is attempted in the NL East in an effort to beat the Nationals. It ends in a cliffhanger. Send us questions!


Opening Song:Lichtenstein - Everything's For Sale


Closing Song: Life in a Blender - Frankenstein


Episode 28 - Men At Work

August 2, 2017

To the dulcet tones of a roofer hammering, the trade deadline and the Dodgers amassing of talent is discusssed. Also Skyrim, and the merits of magework. And prestige TV, and Merritt being a total hipster about it. But seriously, why didn't the Orioles or Padres trade their biggest asset? Silly, really.

Opening Song: PAul Collins - Working Too Hard


Closing Song: The Beets - Television


Mostly Baseball Episode 27 - The Turtle Man, the Cub and Yu

July 29, 2017

In perhaps the most "mostly" episode yet, the Cubs are discussed, as is Yu Darvish, and some historical stuff. Perhaps a little FA Cup for baseball for your liking? And somehow, Kyrie to the Heat. Who knows. Enjoy. We did.


Opening Song: The Rebel - Turtle V Octopus

Closing Song: Allister Thompson - The Rambling Irishman


Mostly Baseball Episode 26 - Why Are You Questioning Me

July 21, 2017

As the trade deadline steams towards us, a breakdown of where some potential pitching tagets might go. It's interesting, but not as good as LISTENER MAIL! Aww yeah. Enjoy.


Opening Song: The Real Kids - Better Be Good


Closing Song: Deadlines - Deadlines


Mostly Baseball Episode 25 - Exploding Fruit

July 11, 2017

In which we work diligently to fix the All Star festivities, and try to discover how to disarm the might of the Astros and Dodgers. Guess where the exploding fruit comes in.


Opening Song: Fodiator - Tonight We Fail


Closing Song: Curt Smith - Halfway Pleased


Mostly Baseball Episode 24 0 Poorly Informed All-Stars!

July 3, 2017

Seeing as the actual All-Stars are getting announced as this is recorded, and those are usually full of something anger-inducing, let's make bad choices! A couple teams  - Team Merritt and Team Nick - are assembled. There is overlap. And Nick gets excited about Paul George for some reason.


Opening Song: Magic Christian - All Da Stars

Closing Song: Half-Cocked - Little Snub Nose